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You're not alone. Eating disorders are serious illnesses that require specialized treatment and support. We can help. 

Start Here. Start Today. 

The best way to begin your recovery is to call us at 410-938-5252 for a brief confidential phone assessment. Our intake coordinators are licensed clinicians who can answer your questions, discuss treatment options and connect you to the best resources to meet your needs. Call today or use the drop-down navigation links above to learn more. 

Why CED?

The Center for Eating Disorders (CED) at Sheppard Pratt has been one of the country's premier providers of comprehensive care for children, adolescents and adults with eating disorders for over three decades. Our expertly trained staff remains committed to providing care that is evidence-based, individualized, collaborative, and inclusive. 


The goal is always to provide the best possible outcomes for you and your loved ones. We do this by combining three decades of experience with the very latest research on eating disorders. As a result, our programs are continually evolving to support our patients' needs. 

The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt is accredited by The Joint Commission. Whether you are looking for weekly outpatient therapy or more intensive inpatient treatment, our team has the experience and and knowledge to help you heal from the eating disorder and establish a strong recovery. 

Access to Treatment Matters.

At CED we are committed to improving access to quality care and have worked hard to establish in-network coverage and benefits with most health insurance providers. 

In addition to individualized treatment, CED provides access to free support groups and other recovery resources for people at all stages of recovery.


July 2019

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Eating disorders don't discriminate.

Researchers believe that only 1/3 of the people that meet criteria for an eating disorder ever receive treatment. Who are we missing?

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